Modern Jive FAQ

Do I have to follow if I’m a girl / lead if I’m a guy?

No! All students are welcome to learn to lead, follow, or both – whatever suits you!


Do I need to bring a partner?

No! Classes are rotational – all you need to do is show up, shoe on and join the circle.


I’ve never danced before. Can I…



What if I can’t tell my right from my left?

Join the club! The best dancers aren’t necessarily the most co-ordinated people off the dance floor. Willingness to learn and a sense of fun are all you need.


What should I wear? What sort of shoes do I need?

For clothing – whatever you’re comfortable dancing, dipping and twirling in – the main thing is that they don’t overly restrict your movement. For footwear – latin or ballroom shoes with a suede sole work well. Alternatively, any reasonably smooth-soled shoe that won’t slip off your foot will do the job.


What actually is modern jive?

Modern jive is an eighties baby, born in the UK, whose ancestors include salsa and various forms of swing. Over time, it’s evolved from a circular dance into a mostly linear dance; most leads are communicated through a hand-to-hand connection.

Danced to any song with four-four timing, the style’s simple footwork gives dancers a flexible foundation over which they can layer their own musical interpretation, as well as an endless variety of lifts, dips and tricks.


Are there competitions?

You bet! There are currently five modern jive championships held annually in Australia across Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, and numerous annual championships in New Zealand. They’re open to dancers of all levels from beginners to champions, and are usually accompanied by a series of workshops taught by the best of the best.


Do you offer private lessons?

Yes! We offer one hour-long free private lesson to all Step 1: Dance students; subsequent lessons are available at $60 per hour, with two teachers to guide you through Modern Jive technique, connection, and musical expression. All private lessons are held at our home studio in Kew, and are available to couples or singles.